Christmas Message from your new Committee-

Since its election 3 weeks ago, your new Committee has met twice.

The Club must continue moving forward,  with the support of our players, their families and friends, and the wider community.

The previous Committee left us with a strong recommendation that the new MC do more to promote Rugby in our regional schools, funded by increased Club profitability and sponsorship.

Our wonderful Club, along with sponsors, funds an annual commitment in 'cash spend'  of nearly $100,000.00 on our Rugby Programmes. We want to increase this, if prudently possible.

Your Committee has resolved to move quickly to address our overall future direction, and is talking to advisers and other licensed Rugby Clubs.

We have established subcommittees to work hard and fast, with a view to  placing before the MC, for approval by 1 May, at the latest, implementable plans for increased profitability of the licensed Club and fully- funded Rugby expansion.

If you or your friends or visitors to the Club have any ideas, please let our Secretary, Neil Taylor, know by emailing

To help your MC to help you with our plans, could I please ask each of you to make a New Year's  resolution  to actively support and promote our Licensed Club premises , to your friends and the wider community . It is open for drinks, eating and functions  ( indoor and outdoors.) contact Alan Power, Club Manager.

Your new Committee looks forward to your continued support.

Kind regards  and best wishes for Christmas and New Year.

Jim Wilson , President
- For and on behalf of your Management  Committee.