GAME RESULTS - 11/4/2015

11 April 2015 versus Griffith Uni. Colleges at Alleygators
Bad start to the day with 3rd Grade player Timoci Rokosuka badly injuring his ankle. Last
report,Timoci has two torn ligaments and two fractures to the ankle and doctors are waiting for
swelling to go down before they can operate.
We know Timoci will have great support from the Fijian community but the club will also have
to get behind him, his wife and baby.
Mark Doherty will begin some fund raising this week, TBA, and Mark will be only to happy to
see anyone with a few spare coins in their pockets part company with those coins for Timoci’s
Gilbert will kick off with a $100.00 and challenge you all to try and kick further.
First Grade versus Bond
Finally worked out JC and lack of “after game comments “ to Gilbert. He is a media snob. Great
write up in the Bully ,JC. I will just have to lift my standards or disguise myself as a journo from a
major newspaper.
Hard work on the paddock with a feast of tries and coach killer moments. Great effort to get
away with it in the end 40-39.
Big Gus missed scoring two tries by a short breath and Jarrah came away with 3 points after a
stand out day. Jake Cooper got 2 and Vince Paul 1.
Second Grade
Not much can be said about a 37- 0 loss except ”where were all the players?”.
“No shows” left Pommy Rick frustrated and those who did front. let down by their mates
Third Grade
Coach come manager ,now player, Mark Doherty filled in for the “No shows” ,and still has IT.
Come away with a 7 all draw. Great work men.
Gilbert The Gentleman Rugby Player