GILBERT    23 May 2015
What a lead up to last week’s games for the thirds.
Tuesday; v Beaudesert at home 5.00pm
Wednesday, v Beaudesert at Nerang 5.00pm
Thursday,v Beaudesert at Beaudesert at 5.00pm or is that 3.15pm
End result ,no players ,no game and who can blame the players. Holmsey’s
suggestion to GCDRU that the two points to be deducted for a forfeit should
come of GCDRU points not Alleygators. Last I heard, no reply from GCDRU.
Meanwhile back at the camp, or should I say at Nerang’s camp,the first grade
players were all having a little nap when an alarm went off(sounded just like a
coach blowing off steam at half time)and the players woke from their slumber to
find Nerang well and truly in touch.
Rubbing the sleep out of their eyes the boys finally realized what time it was
and got down to playing rugby.
Leading the way was Lydon Minnaar with two tries, and from a good
source(initials LM) should have been four .Final Result 40-12 Alleygators
No chance seconds having a nap. The game was on from the start and come half
time the Gators were in front 7-5. Second half only got better and tougher but
the point difference between a conversion and a penalty was all Nerang needed
to tip us 15-14. Hayden Quigg bagged most of the points with a try and two
conversions while Corey Morris added the other try.
Away to Bond next week  ..... Gilbert .......The Gentleman Rugby player