Ladies Rugby.

What a great day. 3 intrepid teams of lady athletes embarked on the inaugural Tranter Cup day. Being a trial it was the great unknown. We had of course the Lady Gators, their 2nd year up and running. 3 of the ladies having their very first game ever. Gatton Unis Black Sows were starters as well as Coffs Snappers. And to add to the mix, local club Colleges ladies team that play in the Brissy 15's comp brought half a dozen players down due to a forfeit in their comp and joined in with the Snappers.

A great showing by the good guys winning the day with 3 wins and a loss. Unfortunately that loss was on show on field one, where the girls were just drained after their previous efforts. Coffs/Colleges managed 2 wins and Gatton Uni the 1 win over Coffs/Colleges.

All ladies bar none had a great time. No medics needed which is sensational. They will meet again down in Coffs next month with the start of the Tranter Cup and  then will be back at Gators Central on Ladies Day, 13th June. Looking forward to the upcoming season.

A big thanks to the Golden Oldies, Toothless Gators for helping out with the BBQ and cooking up a substantial, well needed feed after the match.