RUGBY NEWS: 21/6/2016

 Okay all of you Alleygators faithful, get yourselves down to Alleygators central this weekend for some intriguing games of Rugby.

 First off 3rd grade at 12.15 are out for some form of Justice against Colleges, after last Wednesdays loss. The week before they beat the Top team, whilst this team lost to the bottom team. No idea how three days later they turned their form round so quickly and pipped our boys by a measly 5 points. Lets see how this Saturday turns out.
2nd's also went down to Colleges at their place. Time for a different ending boys. It's our home, our turf, lets make a stand.Kick off at 1.50pm.
And in 1st's, 3.20pm kick off, we are sitting just under Colleges on the table. A win here puts us up to 3rd on the table which would be sensational with just 5-6 games remaining before finals.
All the support that can be mustered will be appreciated by the boys.
Ladies Rugby.
This Saturday our Ladygators head off to Toowoomba to play an unknown quantity. All we know is that its a new team and its from the darling Downs, which have historically turned out some pretty handy touch and Rugby 7's players. Unlike the Gold Coast, Ladies Ruby is a big deal up there and News Cameras and reporters are expected to be about, plus a large number of spectators. Lets hope our girls have got their Footy heads on and give it a good crack. 
Rugby Internationals this Saturday.
Yes both games are dead Rubbers, the series have been decided, but so what. Get down to the club and support your teams. Look, there are Kiwis coaching and Playing for Wales so you can't lose either way and for all the Aussies, Eddie Jones is waving the flag there too. Well maybe not not so much. Lets get together and show our colours once again. Al the Bar Manager has a managers shout till first points are scored. If the Wallabies have possession, that may take some time as it's obvious they have been told not to kick for any points. Perhaps their tactics might change. (Something about doing the same thing and expecting a different result comes to mind). Regardless, always a good night at Alleygators watching the Tests
See you there.