Well Gators fans, 1st home game done and dusted. Such a great effort and promise from these boys. Well done.
We weren't sure how many if any would be there for 3rd grade yet we ended up with 12 on the paddock. Quite the surprise considering just 2 of those 12 had been to Pre Season Training. The word is for most, that was their first run they have had since the GF last year. Super surprised they lasted the whole game with no reserves. Looks good moving forward.

2nd's started slowly then got into their stride. They actually won the second half so a pretty good come back and once again, more time together will be a great thing. Forwards worked hard the whole 80 minutes and the backs started combining well as time wore on. Great effort against a team that has been together for some time.

1st's were dynamic early and all sign's pointed to a tight if not victorious contest. 15 minutes into the 2nd half and down by just 3 point's the boys were looking the goods to storm home. A quick try by Helensvale against the run of play followed by a sin against us, another try, another sin bin, another try,all in about 8 minutes certainly changed the complexion of the game. Helensvale hung in there and looked pretty relieved at that stage.
Some really good signs and some great home support at Gators central. Well done boys.

Just to put this season into some perspective for you. This year, which is quite remarkable, Alleygators have signed on 22 new players. That's a massive boost for Alleygators and as the season goes on and the players start to gel and understand the shape of the game that they are playing, good things are going to happen. With 3 rounds to go till the finals, I'm sure the boys will hone their game and be at the pointy end when it matters.

The next few weeks see's the teams away as visitors. They storm home with 5 home games in a row so will keep you posted as to where your team will be,