Coach Tony’s Under 14’s Match Report Vs Helensvale 25 July

A wet and slightly muddy pitch welcomed the boys on this day, perfect for Rugby, the only thing that could have made it better was if it was raining, but warm steamy conditions would have to do. With one player down due to illness we were left with only 14 players, fortunately Luc arrived at the last minute so at least we could field a regulation side. The Hogs side had a least eight reserves waiting in the wings for us , so it was always going to be a tough ask with no reserves of our own.

The boys have not been starting very well at all so we decided to do something a little differently this week, a bit of a stretch, a bit of ball work, hand out the jerseys then we let the boys go into the sheds on their own to have a bit of a chat amongst themselves to try and work out how to start a little better. I had my super spy in Elijah hanging around outside to make sure things didn't go pear shaped and he reported to me that the boys both talked and listened, so well done to the players.

The first half kicked off and the talk seemed to work as the boys really got stuck in from the opening whistle only to concede a very soft try, from a scrum win by the Hogs they drifted down the blind side and our boys didn’t react quickly enough, another lesson learnt. Our boys were defending really well and you could tell from the sidelines that some of the hits the boys were making were making the Hogs realize that they were in a proper contest. We got a turnover and started working the ball down field with really good ball in hand footy, which ended up in a penalty awarded to us. With a great kick down field we went to the lineout, a great grab from Rhys at the top of the mark he brought it to ground and the boys started mauling it towards the tryline. With fantastic body height and strong foot work they got it across the try line for our super sub Luc Lyndon to dot it down, Reggie just missed the conversation to have the scores at 5 all. The Hogs got a couple more to have us going to the oranges at 5 – 17 down, a great first half from the Gators when put into the context of just how good that Hogs side really is.

The second half got away from the Gators , with no reserves and the Hogs being able to run on plenty at any given moment it was the same old storey for this years side, they just run out of puff up against fresh legs all day. We , the coaches could run them up and down sand hills all day long to try and improve fitness but in the context of a game, fresh legs will win every time. Our boys play a great brand of Rugby with the set piece really working well and the backs are now starting to work well both with the ball and without it. We may not be getting the results but we are one of the best playing sides getting around and I think defiantly one of the bravest, well done to you all.

To this weeks points.

1 point : Henry , Jarman and Des. A special mention goes out to Des, I have moved him into the forwards at no.8 and he had a fantastic game, harassed that poor little half back all game long, well done mate.

2 points : Kyron and Jacob

3 points : Rhys Lyndon, our silent assassin, his best game of the season.

Everyone to training this week please, we have defensive drills to run that will need to have the whole team there.