Under 14 Match report V Casuarina

The news was all bad on the morning of the game, only 11 players fit and ready to have a run, our worst turnout for the season in the last game of the season. We grabbed a couple of Under 13 Gator boys and Casuarina lent us two more so at least the game was on. No mistakes from the kick off this week and to be honest the boys muscled up really well in the opening exchanges to have the home team a little annoyed that they couldn't break us open like the did in the first encounter. They finally cracked us and ran in a couple of unconverted tries only for the Gators to start piling on some attacking pressure, that pressure was converted into points with the boys scoring a really good rugby try.

If someone would have filmed the sequences leading up to that try, it would be shown in the coaching manuals, from a grab at the top of the lineout, thrown by Henry and grabbed by Rhys, Kyron called for the maul and the boys controlled the ball onto the ground and mauled it forward beautifully. They rumbled it forward only for the Casa forwards to finally catch on and stop the momentum, the boys then rolled it around the corner and the ball went to ground, Charlie cleared it to Cambell K who then threw a beautiful pass to Campbell F to put him away to score our meat pie, Reggie converted the try to put us right in the game.

It’s at this point that the boys somehow have to learn to pile on more pressure and not to take the foot off the accelerator, they seem to ease up after scoring and it usually ends up with the opposition scoring points, that's exactly what happened again, for the Gators to go to the oranges 7 – 22 down.

Although losing another encounter the side put up a much braver effort in going down to the finals bound Casuarina side 7 – 46, a much improved effort from the first time the boys faced them earlier in the season. The players have to start believing in themselves and their ability to play the game of Rugby, they can do it, Elijah , Tim and I know they can, they have to believe that they can. When they put their minds to it they play some awesome football, they just have to learn how to do it more often.

That's it for the season except for the upcoming tour, we will have a week off training but will be back into it after next week, please try to make sure that all players that are going on tour are at training, it is very important that they miss as few sessions from now on.


To this weeks points.

 1 point : Taj ( for another great effort, your work off the ball is improving mate ) , Henry ( for your work off the ball also and your throwing to the line out, it was spot on mate ) , Rhys ( just for another whole hearted effort and for your grabs at the top of the mark ) , Dom ( once again for your work at the break down but also for your very impressive restarts )

2 points : Aaron ( for basically just busting a gut and trying hard in the tough stuff ) , Kyron ( what I said about Aaron is the same for you, plus some great runs with the ball in hand )

3 points : Jarman ( you stepped up in the outside centre role and played the position perfectly, your kicking was spot on as well, great game mate )

Lastly, a big thank you from me and the team to the 2 Under 13’s that stepped up, it’s never easy to play after you have just finished your own game, and thanks go out to the Casa boys that came over and gave us a hand as well.

That's it from me, see you all at training in a week’s time and I hope you are all looking forward to the trip as much as I am. ( Go Team Black )