Backline To The Balance Sheet With Adrian Hoffman

Adrian Hoffman owner of Pacific Periodontics & Implants shares how lessons from rugby influenced his business!

My 1st biz lesson from rugby stems from experience of playing winger for 1st Grade Army-Albury in South NSW conference. Being a proactive rather than a reactive winger. Anticipating when opposition no. 10 will kick the ball to your region. This skill of prediction and anticipation is very important in business.

In 2005 I was in a safe employee job in Southport but could see big opportunity to go solo and set up in South GC as there were no competitors nearby nor further south in North NSW. It was inconvenient to go solo at the time (1st born child and only recently qualified) yet I realised that timing to get your foot in the market is so valuable.
Sure enough within 6 months of going solo another competitor came and squatted in GC but I had become established and forged sufficient links with general dentists to withstand new competition.

My 2nd biz lesson from rugby is ‘doing work off the ball and not presenting opportunity to opposition’. Just like a good winger in position will not present large open space for opposition fly-half to hoof the ball downfield and gain territorial advantage, the same applies in business. I found that around 40% of my business was travelling from Byronshire up to see me in the Gold Coast. I thus decided to travel to this patient base and practice at a satellite clinic in Ballina once a fortnighte. Although I incurred addition costs in time and travel (only once a fortnight) it protected 40% of my business income by discouraging competition from setting up there. This move was like building ‘a moat’ around your business.

The 3rd biz lesson was for a good rugby season, you need to get fit prior to the season. You never get fit during a rugby season. You just pick up injuries and more so if you’re not fit. You have to prepare beforehand.

I now strongly abide by the 5 p’s- Prior preparation prevents poor performance.

Adrian Hoffman

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