Backline To The Balance Sheet With Brett Withington

Brett Withington owner of Oceanside Plumbing shares how lessons from rugby influenced his business…

Countless times we have witnessed an overzealous player yearning for glory as he heads towards a formidable defence attempting to score a try himself. He has open holes to the left or the right, a simple pass to his team player will surely score a try. However, he attempts to take on the defence himself and most often fails.

You’re not going to pass to someone who may hog the ball and risk failure, you’re going to pass to someone who will work cooperatively to help reach the line. The thing that I have learnt from rugby and other team sports is that as a leader, I am unable to do it on my own. Furthermore, I need employees who embrace teamwork. Our ability to cooperate and work as a team is a key to our success. It is this lesson both on the rugby field and other team sports that has had an influence on my business ethos.

In all aspects of sport and business, working as a team plays a tremendously crucial part.

Brett Withington

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