Meet Chef Josh

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Why did you become a chef & how many years of experience do you have? 

I became a chef because I read a book my mum gave me for my 19th birthday called “Kitchen Confidential’ by Anthony Bourdain in the year 2000. It made Hospitality sound exciting and I have since found that book to be a very good insight into professional cooking. I started as an apprentice at Raes at Wategos in Byron Bay in January 2000, so over 18 years ago. Whoo… I’m tired just thinking about it.


What cities and countries have you worked in?

I’ve cooked in England, Scotland and Thailand and spent a decade cooking in Melbourne.


Tell us a funny moment/story of a kitchen incident?

There have been many, many mishaps in the kitchen… a funny anecdote that comes to mind, early on whilst I was working at Raes, I was the only person in the kitchen whilst the other chefs were on break… the kitchen phone rang and it was a slurry sounding Pom who wanted a Ham and Cheese toastie. I was serving it up on the pass when the Head Chef walked back into the kitchen… He asked who the sandwich was for? I replied – “some Pommie fella in room 5” and he said… ”you idiot, that’s Keith bloody Richards!”. I look back and chuckle to myself as I’m quite the Rolling Stones fan these days.

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