“If it’s good enough for the All Blacks- then it’s good enough for my business”

Current Rugby World Champions New Zealand’s success has been attributed to lessons and strategies that we would do well to take notice of in our businesses. For me the biggest lesson from the All Blacks is that they set long term goals.


At the end of their 2011 World Cup win they set the ultimate challenge of being the first team to win back to back world cups. As you know, four years is a very long time in the sporting world, yet the All Blacks set this inspirational goal early and relentlessly focused on it. The Bledisloe Cup and Grand Slam Tours became stepping stones or mini goals on the path towards their long-term Goal.


If 15 engaged individuals from a small country of 4.8 million people can win back to back World Cup’s, then we would do well to duplicate some of their thinking and positive attitude in our business. Imagine what could be achieved in your business?


In my business I set clear long-term goals. Our weekly, monthly and quarterly plans all focus on our long-term goal, because I believe if that strategy is good enough for the All Blacks, it’s good enough for MindStore Training! LESSON: Set huge Goals, focus on them with clarity and never give up.


Damian McConnell
Performance Improvement Director
“Empowering People… Transforming Organisations”

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