Alleygators has partnered with 1st Fives Rugby

1st fives rugby - alleygators rugby club.png ownersThe game is rugby, but the name of the game is FUN.

1st FiVes is a non contact play program for children aged 2-7 which focuses on active learning  gross motor development and building confidence through teamwork whilst learning the Values and foundation skills of Rugby Union.


Make your child's development more fun!

Alleygators has recently introduced our baby Gators to the rugby field! Our weekly play sessions enable boys and girls aged 2-7 to develop their social and physical skills in a fun, positive environment. It is a young age but it's a fundamental age to find their love for the game.


What does it entail?

All sorts of skills: passing, catching, incorporating movements from crawling, jumping, skipping and fun games as well.

Parents are involved so they get to spend time with their kids. It's a super fun family time, every one is involved and having a good laugh.


How many age groups are there?

There are 3 age groups:

  • Ages 2 - 3.5
  • Ages 3.5 - 5
  • Ages 5 -7


What are the session times?

Sessions run from 9:00 am every Sunday commencing on August 23rd.


Also, Kids eat free every Sunday lunch (with every adult meal purchased) so it's a great time to bring the kids down to the club! 


1st fives rugby at Alleyagtors rugby club